End of April 2014 I bought a used black Stagg EUB over the internet. My intention was to use this at the camping as it is a lot easier to haul around then my acoustic double bass. But I soon found out I really liked the instrument and started to use it more and more at home too…

I also found out that the bass had lots of room for small and larger improvements. So I started working on it, using the internet and the Stagg EUB megathread on TalkBass as an inspiration.  A some point I had to make the decision to keep working on this bass to make it better or to buy me one of the newer models Stagg EUB with the much better rosewood fingerboard… I decided on the latter and the process of modifying started all over again.

This website is made just to show you all modifications I did on both basses so do not have to explain it over and over again ;).

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.