Buying a “camping” bass

Stagg_EUB_Black_HeadToday, April 28th 2014, I bought a used black Stagg EUB! A purchase I never thought I would do as in the past I thought these basses looked absolutely hideous… Well things change!

I started on DB in september 2013. At first just to be able to support my 7 year old daughter at home while practicing. She had picked the DB as “her” instrument and as I had no musical background whatsoever I decided it would be wise to join her at her lessons. But once the DB bug hat bitten me I was sold! After about 6 months I bought my own acoustic DB that I have been enjoying immensely.

We have a caravan that is on a campsite all season and we spend a lot of weekends and holidays there. I did not like the fact that I was “bassless” during our frequent stays on the campsite so I decided to have a look around for a cheap, portable EUB.

I found one in the neighbourhood for a very reasonable price and after I tried it at the sellers home I decided to buy it. It was an older model Stagg EUB, still with the italic Stagg lettering and the old, small headstock. But it was in a pretty decent shape and I was pretty pleased with is. Even when my daughter said: “Wow, that is really ugly dad!”…

After using it for a while at home and on the campsite I decided this was a keeper so I could now start upgrading it… How could I know this would eventually lead to this website…


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