Standing tall…

I used to put the black Stagg in a corner between the wall and an antique cabinet in the living room. After a while I noticed that the softening chemicals in the rubber on the Stagg body supports were “eating” through the finish of the cabinet… 😦 As this is a family heirloom I was not pleased. I temporarily solved it by placing a tissue between the body support and the closet but I was definitely on the lookout for a proper stand for the EUB.

Stagg EUB standStagg does make a stand specific for the EUB but this is retailing for about 44 euro (about 60 dollar) over here and I thought that was pretty expensive… I was very pleased when I found a used one for sale for just 15 euro (20 dollar). So I did not hesitate to buy it.

It is a pretty large stand but very sturdy. It is foldable but in my opinion not something not so small that you would take it along to music school etc. for fun. But at home or on stage it is a very good investment. The stand is fully adjustable. In this and this post you can see some pictures of my Stagg basses in the stand.


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