The new version of the Stagg EUB has a much improved headstock design. The old design was rather weak and you’ll find a lot of reports of breaking headstocks online if you search for it. The new design (on the left in the picture) is much stronger and, in my opinion, looks better too.

Headstock-04The tuners were changed too: the old Stagg had tuners with a hole for the string where the new tuners are slotted like on most bass guitars. The rest of the tuners looks the same but somehow the new ones seem better. Overall they look pretty cheap but they work just fine and hold their tuning well.

Did I do some work on the tuners? Of course, otherwise you would not be reading this post! On both basses I did two things:

  • I changed the fixing screws for larger diameter ones. This prevents the whole tuner from moving around
  • I glued the ferrules into place. On the old Stagg all ferrules were loose in the, badly drilled, holes and on the new Stagg this was not much better

On the old Stagg I also took off the pressed on tuner grips and soldered them back on as those where buzzing very annoyingly while playing. On the new Stagg the grips seem to be a lot tighter so I have not done anything about that yet.

Below a few more pictures.

2 thoughts on “Headwork

  1. I bought a stegg EUB deluxe in 2015. I noticed a buzz in the lower E string regions, it appaered to come from the headstock area. A closer inspection on the headstock construction (new model) revealed that the E and G string do not connect directly from saddle to the tuners, but are bend due to contact with the headstock. I filed a little “canal” for the strings to be loose of the headstock and the buzz disappaered. This mod is of course on your own risk. BTW ilike playing it a lot, it is my first string instrument and it’s a lot of fun.


    1. Hi John,

      I checked my own Stagg and you are right! On my bass there is no buzzing but I could imagine that it would cause buzzing depending on the kind of strings used. So good hint!!



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