As I wrote at the bottom of my posting on the finished honey Stagg I started to notice a buzz on the D string. I decided not to tinker with the bass until after my holiday. The bass would accompany me and would sure show all things that would need further work during those weeks. But the buzz or rattle, don’t know the best term to describe it, became worse and worse and started to occur on all strings. As I had eliminated most sources for this noise before I was pretty sure the thrussrod was the culprit…

The Stagg EUB is fitted with a thrussrod. But with the thickness of the EUB neck this is totally useless. Turning it (counter)clockwise as far as possible has no noticeable effect on the neck whatsoever. On both Staggs. So the only thing I did a while back was to give it a little bit of tension to prevent it from rattling in its slot. But obviously this was not enough…

I borrowed a allen key from the campsite owner and tried several adjustments to eliminate the rattle. It worked for about 80% but there was still some rattle left. As the rod cannot be taken, the only way of preventing it from rattling is filling the slot with something to prevent the rod to move at all.

NeckSiliconeWhen I got back from holiday I to took off the neck again (which also gave me the opportunity to take some more pictures for the post on the neck angle). Tapping on the bare neck showed that I  guessed right, I clearly heard the rod rattling in its slot… Adjusting the rod made little or no difference at all…

So I drilled three holes the rear of the neck until I reached the thrussrod. After that I pumped some silicone bathroom sealant in the holes hoping this would reach the thrussrod slot. Well, it seemed to  work as the rattle has gone now!


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