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A new bag for the amp

A very quick post to show you my newest gear: a carrying bag for my PJB Double Four amp! I am very happy with it 🙂

I had seen a “special” gigbag for the Double Four online a while back but when I tried finding it again I couldn’t. So I contacted Phil Jones Bass directly and I was told that there was never a bag made especially for this amp… But due to much demand, the company had bought in a bunch of good quality bags that would fit the amp perfectly. So I ordered one an I can confirm it does fit snuggly! Below a few pictures of the bagged up amp.

The finished honey Stagg

This post is just to show how the Stagg ended up after all my modifications. Some of the pictures were actually taken after ALL work was done (so including the body-support and the new endpin plug) and some before that was done. The newer pictures can be recognised by the green windings of the Pirazzi strings. In the older pictures the bass was still strung with the orange ended Presto Balance strings. Enjoy!

And will this be the last post on this blog? Probably not… I am the kind of guy that always “finds something” that can be improved or altered. And last night I heard a buzz on the open D string I could not place right away… So keep an eye open for new additions in the future!

A new Stagg EUB!

After some careful consideration I decided it would be a better idea to get a new Stagg RDL bass with the improved rosewood fingerboard instead of putting more money in the black bass. I started to like the Stagg more and more and was also using it increasingly at home besides my acoustic double bass. So I was on the lookout!

The bridge on a honey Stagg EUBThe RDL version of the Stagg is hard to get in the Netherlands. Or in fact Europe… Not so many music stores or luthiers stock the “old” Stagg model to begin with and the new model was nowhere to be found… I asked around for a few quotes and got back everything between 499 euro (in Germany and out of stock) to 699 euro (on order). That is a staggering 40% difference!

In the end I decided to order the bass from my regular local music store, van Gorp music, at a very decent price. A little more than 499 euro but I got it in only a few days! I picked a honey coloured one.

It was only later that I found out that one of the luthiers I had visited a few times before also sold the Stagg EUB, a bit more expensive but with a planed fingerboard and adjusted top nut… Too bad. But I visited him later anyhow and he did a very good planing job at a decent price.

I think the newer Stagg version is a much better bass than the older version. It has the aforementioned rosewood fingerboard that looks, feels and sounds better, better body supports (now screwed in so that they don’t fall out everytime) and the better headstock design. All in all well worth the relatively small price difference.

Buying a “camping” bass

Stagg_EUB_Black_HeadToday, April 28th 2014, I bought a used black Stagg EUB! A purchase I never thought I would do as in the past I thought these basses looked absolutely hideous… Well things change!

I started on DB in september 2013. At first just to be able to support my 7 year old daughter at home while practicing. She had picked the DB as “her” instrument and as I had no musical background whatsoever I decided it would be wise to join her at her lessons. But once the DB bug hat bitten me I was sold! After about 6 months I bought my own acoustic DB that I have been enjoying immensely.

We have a caravan that is on a campsite all season and we spend a lot of weekends and holidays there. I did not like the fact that I was “bassless” during our frequent stays on the campsite so I decided to have a look around for a cheap, portable EUB.

I found one in the neighbourhood for a very reasonable price and after I tried it at the sellers home I decided to buy it. It was an older model Stagg EUB, still with the italic Stagg lettering and the old, small headstock. But it was in a pretty decent shape and I was pretty pleased with is. Even when my daughter said: “Wow, that is really ugly dad!”…

After using it for a while at home and on the campsite I decided this was a keeper so I could now start upgrading it… How could I know this would eventually lead to this website…