Stagg EUB

Around 2007 Stagg music introduced the Stagg electric upright bass (EDB series). It was, and is, one of the cheapest EUBs on the market. It features a solid maple body and neck. The earlier series had a painted maple fingerboard. The newer RDL series has a solid rosewood board which is a big improvement.


The Stagg has an active pre-amp on board that works on a 9V battery. It has volume and bass control as well as a headphone out en MP3 in. It comes with pretty decent steel core strings and a simple padded gigbag. In Europe the Stagg retails for 399 euro (old version) to 498 euro (RDL version) and up.

It is very nice that Stagg manages to offer a EUB in this price range that is not half bad. But with it being a Stagg, a brand that tries to offer instruments at very competitive prices, it does have some quality issues and design flaws. But with some effort en a little extra money the Stagg EUB can really become a very nice instrument! And just that is what this website is all about!