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Gigbag_faillure-01Boink! That was the sound I heard yesterday when the strap on my bag snapped loose and my bass hit the ground 😦

Luckily the bass was not damaged but I was not amused… And I almost hit a woman sitting on a bench with the bass…

I already knew the Stagg bags are of pretty poor quality (see also this posting) but I had not seen this one coming… All the stitching that hold the strap to the bag came loose! So tonight I will be stitching it back on and I will most probably reinforce all other handle and strap attachments too…

Also some good news: yesterday I finally had the opportunity to show the bass to my teacher and he thought is was pretty good! Much better than the old black, unmodified Stagg that he tried earlier. Especially the improved neck angle and better bridge. He played pizz and arco on it and I was very pleased with the sound too (had not heard someone else play my Stagg) 🙂


The Stagg EUB is delivered including a gigbag which is very nice!. There is also a hard case available but as I am only a beginning bassist (playing mostly at home) I have not bothered to have a look at it. The gigbag has a few faults. As I have had an old one with my black Stagg and a new one with the honey Stagg I now know the following things:

Zippers Stagg_Zipper_1
The zippers are not of the best quality, to say the least… On the black Staggs bag they were all broken! Online I also read of the very poor quality of the zippers.I hope they will last a bit longer on the new bag, I will be extra careful with them… At least they look a bit nicer 😉


 EDIT: July 21st 2014
On zipping up the new bag to take the new Stagg with me to the campsite the zippers broke on their very first use! The steel pieces are simply not strong enough… The wire is pressed into shape but on the press spot it is very weak. I replaced them with two keyrings, a simple modification the works really well!

The stitching is not very good at some points. In my case the outside bow pocket and the inside pockets for the body-support all had loose stitching

However, the main culprit is the material used for the endpin side end of the bag.

Gigbag-1Due to the rather sharp endpin and small rubber tip in combination with the poor material used, the endpin will be coming through sooner or later… My black Staggs bag had a hole and I have found a few images online too (like the picture on the left, mine looked very similar).

Gigbag-2The remedy is very simple. In both bags I cut the lining on the inside of the endpiece so that I could slide in a round piece of 5mm thick rubber (about the size of a CD) between the endpiece and the lining. After that it is just a question of sewing the lining back together and the problem is solved!

Gigbag-3On the new bag I found the lining material to be very thin and vulnerable so I decided it would be wise to sew an extra circular piece of artificial leather over the lining. I was lucky to have some lying around from a few motorcycle buddy seats I had made a new cover for. It did get on a bit wrinkled but with the bag turned the right way around this is not visible.

Now at least I know it will last a lot longer! Perhaps also because of the larger diameter rubber tip on the endpin…