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A new bag for the amp

A very quick post to show you my newest gear: a carrying bag for my PJB Double Four amp! I am very happy with it ­čÖé

I had seen a “special” gigbag for the Double Four online a while back but when I tried finding it again I couldn’t. So I contacted Phil Jones Bass directly and I was told that there was never a bag made especially for this amp… But due to much demand, the company had bought in a bunch of good quality bags that would fit the amp perfectly. So I ordered one an I can confirm it does fit snuggly! Below a few pictures of the bagged up amp.

A new amp!

Today I received a used (4 months old)┬áPhil Jones Bass Double Four amp!!!┬á ­čÖé┬áMaybe┬ánot a “Stagg modification” but I am so happy with it that I found it worthy of a quick post.

After using my Stagg through my iPhone dock over the headphone output (far from ideal…), I was on the lookout for a good practice amp.┬áI discussed it with my┬áteacher and┬áhe recommended the Phil Jones Bass amps amongst a few┬áothers. That should be a decent amp for my Stagg as well as my acoustic double bass. PJB amps are hard┬áto find in the Netherlands but I was so lucky to find a PJB double four for sale for a price I could just afford! I did not hesitate for long and decided to take the plunge and bought it unseen…


This is one of the smallest combos on the market but it delivers a very nice and deep sound. Much better as to be expected from its small size!

So, in the next days/weeks I will be experimenting with my new little red friend to find the best settings and so on! My first impression is very good, it sounds really nice and clean. It also looks to be extremely well made (build like a tank). And also not quite as bright red as in the picture.

Below some more pictures. Some with an iPhone for reference so you can see how small it actually is!